About the Team

Our 2017 Women’s Team:

Shelly Holland

Shelly Holland resides in Oak Grove, MN. She is the owner Sunshine Catering for 20 years, SKS guides 7 years, Ice Team Pro 4 years,
As a professional angler educator and promoter of the outdoors, she has been teaching others how to ice fish for years through seminars and Ice Team University’s. Shelly excels at relaying her message and is always willing to lend a hand.

Kristen Monroe:


I began my career working for Outdoor News Publications under Bast Durbin Advertising in 2007.

By 2010, I had developed a real passion for the outdoor sports. While I enjoyed selling advertising, it became clear that my purpose and calling in the outdoor space was much greater. I spent more time on the water casting and in the woods hunting than ever before. Something clicked in my 30’s, and a rush of experiences in the Great Outdoors completely changed my outlook on life. Put simply, hunting and fishing became the most important things in my life second only to my children, and I mixed the two every chance I got.

Sharing these exciting outdoor discoveries with my family compounded my joy. My 10-year-old son, Maddex, and eight-year-old daughter, Madison have enjoyed many new adventures and gained much to smile about, along with lessons that will help guide them in the future.

Later, I began sharing them with other people, producing articles and video blogs as a professional outdoor communicator. My readers and professional peers evidently think I’ve done an okay job, as I’ve earned some awards for my work. I value those awards, but I treasure what I am so fortunate to do for a living — along with the respect of the many great people I work with in this industry.

In 2016, I became the Floor Manger for the Wisconsin Fishing Expo while continuing to perform my other jobs. I’m so appreciative. I am able to incorporate my love for fishing and conservation with my various careers inside an industry I’m passionate about adding value to. I have been fly fishing in South Dakota and noodling for flatheads in the South. Most often, people will find me casting for muskies and smallmouth bass in the Midwest. Learning new techniques and places to fish is really fun for me, and I always look forward to the next great adventure.

Perseverance, intelligence, honesty and professionalism are important characteristics that can lead towards success, but I’ve found that happiness is the key ingredient.

Barb Carey: 






Barb Carey is the President and Founder of WI Women Fish. She is an avid year round angler and fishes as an Ice Team Pro as well as as for the Lund pro staff team. She founded the Women On Ice Project and is an award winning author and radio host.

Penelope Smit:

Penny Smit also started her match fishing career in the United States in 1998. She joined several clubs and learned how to handle an 11 meter pole and several whips quickly. Penny is passionate about teaching kids and fishing for a cause. She fished the “Fish for a Wish” tournament several times and placed 3 rd in 2001. Penny is a speed fisher and likes to fish for small fish, which will benefit her in Hungary.
The Chicago Bank Anglers had to step aside in 2006 when she took 1 st place honors. She was also the club secretary for quite a few years and will quickly organize a match. She loves the outdoors and all it delivers up in a day. She is not afraid to handle maggots; worms or whatever bait is needed. She is also known for breeding her own maggots as she understands their value and importance.
She is excited and hungry for Hungary.

Elise De Villiers:

Elise De Villiers started her match fishing career in the United States in 1998. First she joined the North West Match Anglers club with absolutely no experience in handling a pole or a whip. In 1999 she joined the CBA club and impressed right off the bat.
Elise soon participated at club championship and league level. She also started fishing the US Open right away, participating against international anglers. Elise was selected several times to represent the US team against Canada, in the CanAm international, where she was captain in 2010 and lead the team to a stunning victory.
Perhaps the Indiana Open was her best where she fished against international anglers, such as Jozsef Papp and Gabor Dome from Hungary. Elise later hired Jozsef Papp as a personal coach during the Ladies World Championship in Slovenia 2013.
Elise was doing very well on the US circuit, but we did not have a lady’s team in the USA. She wanted to put her skills to the test by fishing in the World Championships, so went to South Africa to join their team. She accompanied the SA team to Friesland as a co-coach in 2012. In 2013 she was selected to fish for the SA Ladies team in Radece, Slovenia.
Elise is back in the USA and an invaluable asset to our fishing community.


Hannah Stonehouse Hudson:  

Hannah is an avid ice angler and outdoor enthusiast.  She also serves as the team’s social media coordinator and documenter of all things team related. She is the Media Director for Recycled Fish and the Women Ice Angler Project.  Also has massive fish brain.


Attila Agh

Mike McNett